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It's funny that you wrote about this. I've had flashbacks to this show several times over the years but I couldn't remember the name of it or even the plot. I just remembered a shot of the bug driving in the desert and crashing, and the memory was always triggered by a song, I think bon jovi "living on a prayer." I had completely forgot about the old lady until you mention it, so apparently I got the Mormon version too. I don't think I ever thought too much about the movie when I watched it, but I get a vague memory of the old lady scenes being confusing as to how they were tied to the story. Good write up, you cleared up a lot of foggy memories for me. And why are the uncles always Jack?

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Oh man! It seems like everyone had this movie. I've received a similar reaction to yours from lots of other people. Thankfully YouTube exists so we can time travel to the past.

I'm going to watch more of these films and review them. I'm glad I could help you jog your memory. Thanks again for your continued support.

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